Thursday, October 17, 2013

Music Challenge - Days 15 & 16

Yesterday my internet was acting wonky. Please excuse my tardiness.

Wonky. Wonky wonky wonky. Woooooonnnky. Haha. Wonky is fun to say. Wonky.


Okay then.

Back to business...


Day 15 - A song that describes me.

I don't think I've even found a song that describes half of me. Annoying, I know.

Is it just me, or is this music challenge...challenging?...

*forty-five minutes later...

This song describes me right now, getting all frustrated with this little music challenge.

I'm serious. I spent almost 45 minutes trying to think of a describing song and just as I was going to slam the computer shut in irritation...this song came to mind. *sigh*

Day 16 - A song that I used to love, but now hate.

As I have said, I don't hate any song I've ever listened to. Hate is too strong a word.

There are songs that I've listened to SO MUCH that they got extremely annoying. Let's go with one of those.

Last year, Adventures in Odyssey had a "Get in the Show!" contest that I really wanted to win. I got super worked up, practiced my lines CONSTANTLY, and listened to this song at least 15 times a day. It's a great song, sure. I just find it pretty annoying (and taunting). No, I didn't "get in the show". At the time I was devastated, but looking back I'm glad to have had that experience.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" ~ Dr. Seuss

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