Thursday, October 31, 2013

Music Challenge - Day 30 + NaNo

Truthfully, I am glad that this long journey is over. I had fun, yes, but it is tiring to have to post a certain thing each day. Also, it took away time I could have been using for writing book reviews.

This is me being sad that I didn't get as many book reviews posted as I wanted.

My favorite song at this time last year.

Okay, let me think...what music did I listen to a year ago. Well, seeing as it's almost November I was most likely already jamming to Christmas music.

I listened to this Toby Mac song a lot last year, and don't the legos make it extra awesome?


Now that this 30 day challenge is over I can focus on other things - like NaNoWriMo!  For those of you who don't know, NoNoWriMo is an online program that has you take the month of November to reach your word count goal on one of your WIPs. (Work In Progress). I knew about it last year, but wasn't anywhere close to participating. Well, not anymore! I have my current WIP characters profiled and a pretty solid outline set and ready to go! So, starting tomorrow I have pledged to write over 2000 words a day in order to reach my goal of 65,000 words. Ugh, just typing that right now made me nervous!

If any of you are doing NaNo, and want to be writing buddies, my username is EmberOwl. Also, if you have any tips for me on how to 'survive' NaNo it would be very appreciated!

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