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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet's grandmother is missing. The townspeople suspect suicide...what else could it be? No note. No missing items. Just gone. Scarlet refuses to believe her grandmother would do such a horrible thing. Her grandmother, the kind and somewhat strict woman that raised Scarlet after the passing of her mother. No. It was not suicide. But what?

Then she meets Wolf, a cryptic street fighter with information on her grandmother's whereabouts. What Scarlet doesn't expect, after she decides to let him help, is to fall in love.

Meanwhile, Cinder, with the humorous and 'charming' convict named Thorne, escape from prison and flee to outer-space. Cinder is still very apprehensive of her Lunar gift, not just because she doesn't want control people, but that she enjoys it when she does.

Queen Levana is on the move - sneaking her way through Prince Kai's defenses - and is coming closer and closer to having the Eastern Commonwealth in her clutches.  


(For my review on Cinder go here: Cinder Review)


Here it is folks! My review on Scarlet, the sequel of the amazing book Cinder.

I'll start by saying that this book is just as epic as it's companion. The characters were just as well written and the plot was just as awesome. One thing that I liked more about Scarlet was the plot-twists. Cinder was pretty easy to predict, but Scarlet surprised me more frequently. No worries, I won't give anything away! Just be prepared...(cue suspenseful music...)

The Characters:

Scarlet - In one sentence: A spunky redhead who delivers produce from her grandma's farm to neighboring businesses. That is, until her grandmother goes missing. I enjoyed reading her stubbornly funny character. 

WOLF - Sorry, I couldn't help putting his name in caps, he's just such a bold, strong character. After a few chapters, I thought I had him sorted out, but NO. At first, he's just so mysterious and strange, then that all changes, then it changes again and again, until I barely knew what to think of him. Really neat character here.

Thorne - Now, this man...he's one of my favorites. Made me laugh and want to slap him at the same time. In three words he's: Arrogant (not in a really bad way, he's just good-looking and knows it), Charming (maybe flirtatious is a better word...), and Funny, really funny. 

Grand-mère - Yeah, I forgot to mention Scarlet and her Grandmother live in France...Anyways, this grandma rocks! Even though she's only in a few scenes, you get a sense of who she is: A spunky, stubborn, retired military officer. A woman who may or may not have vital information on the missing Lunar Princess Selene...

Besides these four characters, and a group of villians, there isn't really any new characters - all the rest are from Cinder.

The Plot:

As I've already stated, it's full of twists and turns that left me spinning. The chapter are mostly written in either Scarlet's or Cinder's perspective, but a few are in Thorne's, Kai's, and even Queen Levana's, which I personally liked. I must admit though, I was eager to get to Cinder's chapters more than Scarlet's...

Overall, this book was AMAZING. I can't wait for the next one titled Cress, which doesn't come out until February of next year. *sob*


5 Stars

Ages 14+  


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