Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Fear Simulation

As some of you know, I recently read Veronica Roth's fantastic book Divergent...and in the book there are these simulations where the characters are put through their worst fears. This made me wonder, what are my fears? At first, I couldn't really think of a lot. I mean, I'm not afraid of heights or water or snakes. None of the big things I hear others say they're scared of. So, what am I afraid of? Even now, as I'm writing this, I still can't think of a lot of things that are scary to me. There are things I'm grossed out by, like bugs and blood, but does that mean I'm scared of them? There's also things I'm nervous about, like performing and meeting new people, but does that make me scared of those things? I don't think so.

Going new places, like a new church, will make me nervous, but it takes me (at max) 30 seconds to start a conversation and talk like I'm bff's with the person. Well, most of the time. There's always that odd relationship that you kind of hide from; that person you skirt around to avoid awkward conversation. I am really bubbly, random, and crazy, so it's usually not difficult for me to jump in to a situation/conversation. Except awkward ones. I can't stand those. Just sitting there, in silence or having small talk, isn't enough for me. I want to be laughing and babbling and having a good time...all the time!

Wow, please stop me next time I decide to go on a totally off-subject rant.

Anyway...What am I afraid of? Well, below is a complex, weirdly reasoned list of the first five to pop into my head.

(Note: These are not greatest to least or least to greatest - it's just a list)

 My Five Fears

1. Falling to my death. I'm not afraid of heights in general, but if it doesn't seem safe to me, then I get nervous.

2. Being alone forever. Now, believe me, I like my alone time as much as the next person. I just have this fear of having no-one/losing everyone.

 3. Icky, crawly bugs. In my bed, or in my closet - laying nests of more icky, crawly bugs.

4.   Being blind. I don't know...I think I'd get used to this one...maybe, but I still have this irrational fear of my vision slowly fading away like Mary Ingalls... (sorry, no gif for this one)

And last, but certainly not least:

5.Statues. Thank you, Doctor Who. Or should I say, Moffat.

(Sorry to any Whovians out there, I just couldn't resist this gif)


 There you have it: my top five fears. Honestly, I can't really think of any more things that I'd actually consider "fears"...More like figments of my paranoid imagination...


  1. Being blind is on my fear list as well, I couldn't imagine not being able to see again.

    I'm not afraid of falling, but I am not overly fond of the sudden stop at the bottom.


    1. Exactly! That's what makes me nervous :\

      Thanks for commenting, by the way!


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