Monday, July 29, 2013

Percy Jackson Book Giveaway!

The Percy Jackson books are one of the only series my younger brother and I enjoy. It's nice to have that connection (I know, so cliche) and to be able to share a liking for something. Twelve-year-old boys usually don't like having anything in common with their big sisters ;)

The Percy Jackson movie, on the other hand, is not something we both like. I mean, it's cool for a movie, but not for a movie based on a book. You know what I mean, jellybean? Even with our dislike for the first one, we are both pretty excited for the Sea of Monsters that's coming to theaters in a couple weeks (maybe it will be better than The Lightning Thief...but I'm not getting my hopes up)


And now, the giveaway!


No, this giveaway is not hosted by me. I hope to get to a point on my blog where I can host giveaways and contests, but I don't think I'm there yet. Anyways...A GIVEAWAY! And not just any giveaway - a giveaway for the Percy Jackson series! *applauds*

Let me know if any of you win (and I will do likewise)!

Cafebiblioart Percy Jackson Giveaway

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