Monday, July 15, 2013

The Book Lovers Award

Hannah Elise over at walking in the air tagged me with the Book Lovers Award. Thanks Hannah!
The rules:
1. You must tag five people
2. You must answer the five questions
3. You must create five more book related questions for the people you tag
4. Let the people know they've been tagged
5. Have Fun!
Hannah's Five questions for me:
  1. Did you make a goal for the number of books you’d like to read this year?
    Not for the whole year, but I did make a summer goal...sorta. 
  2. Do you have a reading list?
    Yes, I do :) *pats self on shoulder* I mostly keep track of it on my Goodreads account
  3. Who’s your favorite author, and how many books of theirs have you read?
     I would have to say Shannon Hale and I've read all her books except two of her Adult fictions.
  4. Do you think that you have to read every book by every author you love, or do you think you can just wing it the way you want to?
    When I was younger it didn't even cross my mind to look for more books by the same author, but now I do and yes, I think if you have a favorite author than by all means read everything they've written!
  5. Do you prefer to read first person or third person fiction? 
    Depends. I like reading both, but I'm more picky about first person being exceptionally written than I am with third person.
  6. Since the above question has inspired an extra one (which you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, since only five were required), have you ever read a book written in second person?
    No, I haven't, but I bet that would be really interesting!
    My questions for tagged people:
    1. Do you prefer crisp, brand new books or vintage-y, used books?
    2. Who's your favorite author and why?
    3. When you enter a library, where do you find yourself heading toward? (Non-fiction, YA section, Youth section, computers, magazines, etc.)
    4. What character from what book have you related to the most?
    5. Are you a multitasker? If so, do you do other thing while reading?

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  1. Thanks for tagging me Lily :) Just a note, though: Google is cracking down on blogs, so just putting a "Great post" or "Hey so-and-so" or "So helpful!" followed by a link registers as spam. For future notice and so you know why I'm going to delete your tagging comment.


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