Friday, July 5, 2013

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop grew up traveling around the world. At three-years old her parents took her to the Louvre in Paris, but not to sight-see - to case it. Then, for her 7th birthday her Uncle Eddie took her to steal the crown jewels. Kat grew up in a family of thieves.

Determined to leave the family business behind, Kat tries to fit into the boarding school life. Unfortunately, that task proves harder than she expected...especially when a certain friend comes along, frames her, and gets her kicked out. Hale has his reasons, though.

A dangerous man by the name of Arturo Taccone is convinces Kat's father stole his priceless art collection, but Kat knows her father was in Paris at the time. In order to save her father from the wrath of Taccone, Kat must re-enter the family life and track down the real thief to steal the paintings back. With a teenage society of talented friends and relatives, Kat may have just what it takes to pull the biggest Heist in her family's history.


The Heist Society was really a fun read. But, even though I enjoyed it it of course had it's "parts". Now, they weren't horribly inappropriate or anything, but I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who's really picky about those sort of things. The characters were hard for me to understand at first  and I couldn't picture them very well in my head...I don't know if that's for lack of description or my lack of imagination, but either way it was difficult to 'get to know' the characters. 

Overall, this was an okay book. It was likable in some parts, confusing in most, and I never really got sucked in. I probably won't read the others in the series unless I really have nothing to do.

3 Stars

Age 13+


Questions for the characters in Heist Society:

Kat - Why do you want to 'leave the life'? The book never really says...

Hale - What do you look like exactly? All I know is your tall and handsome. What's your hair color? Eyes? Seriously, if there's going to be a 'love interest' then why tell us nothing about him and expect us to like him?

Gabrielle - Will you put some clothes on please?

Bobby Bishop (Kat's dad) - Why are you the most described character, when you're only in a couple scenes?

Arturo Taccone - Do you like chocolate? You seem the kind of villain who'd sit around eating fancy chocolates while devising treacherous schemes...

Nick - Why even try? You know Kat has Hale and now your gonna make it a love triangle. 

Love triangles, I do not like.


  1. Hmm, might have to consider taking this one off my reading list then. I don't want to read anything with that kind of yuckiness in it :(

  2. It's really only the cousin (Gabrielle) and the way she dresses, and a part where the boys in the society are surprised the MC has "nice" breasts (she wears unrevealing clothes most of the time, but for a disguise she dresses like her cousin [short skirt, low top, high heels]) there's no icky romance parts though (yay)


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