Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vocabulary of a Fangirl - Part 2

And now for my second (and last) installment of...*drum roll please*...Vocabulary of a Fangirl!

This post is mainly here to expand your fangirl vocabulary (Part 1 is here, if you haven't looked at it yet: Vocabulary of a Fangirl: Part 1).

So, we'll start out with a word that I use quite a lot.

Ship/Shipping - When you especially like two characters as a couple you say "I ship them." (or, more likely: "Ermagersh. I totally. Arghh. I SO SHIP THEM!!!"). Also, when you ship a couple, they have to have a cute name. It's basically law. For example:

Percy + Annabeth = Percabeth

Sherlock + Molly = Sherlolly

Four + Tris = Fourtris or Tobias + Tris = Tribias (your choice)

Katniss Everdeen + Peeta Mellark = Everlark

 OTP - One True Pair. The fictional couple you ship the hardest is your OTP. My OTP is Fourtris!

 There were some sweetly sad Fourtris parts in Allegiant.

 I started to dream that it would end happily ever after...

 Still, I ship them harder than anyone else.

Headcanon - (from Google): Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon.

THE FEELS - When you are overcome with intense feelings toward something fandom related. Usually, they're depressingly sad feels.

POV - Point Of View. For ex. "In my POV, Sherlolly is way better than Johnlock" or vice versa.

Gender Bender - Just like how it sounds.  The reversing of gender roles. In fandom terms it goes something like this:

I can't/I can't even/NO/I'm done - Basically the whole of our vocabulary as fangirls. We can't speak full sentences while fangirling. It's impossible.

 There's usually some major table-flipping involved...

And we can not be comforted...

Asdfghjkl (plus any other letters & symbols you happen to slam on the keyboard) - "I-can't-speak-Ermagersh-Aaaah-I-can't-no-argghhhhhh-No-I-just-eeek" in one phrase.

And that's it folks. This is the life and language of a fangirl. Thank you for joining me on this journey of magnificent discovery and wonder. I suppose that you can now go into the world as fully fledged Fangirls and Fanboys. Hope you had fun, because I know I did! :)


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