Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Amazingly/Weird Dream

Be prepared for a blurb fit for tumblr...

Someone in my family apparently worked on the set for Sherlock and KNEW Benedict. Then, for some reason, Sherlock was shooting in the US so I got to go on set and meet him! Then, THEN, he was invited to dinner with us. It got better. There wasn't room for me in our car (we had distant relatives over or something) so he said I could ride with him in his car! Then someone said we needed hot dog buns so he offered to get some. We stopped at this weird gas station-like place that had an abnormally large selection of hot dog buns. He grabbed these weird whole wheat roll things with tons of sesame seeds on top and I just laughed and he snickered and we bought some normal buns.

That's where the semi-normalness ended...it just got weirder and weirder from there... This old lady tried stealing his car as we were coming out and since I was closest I jumped on it to try and stop her. The car somehow became a motor cycle and the old lady hopped off so I went swirving into a curb and got flung out into the middle of the street. He ran over and picked me up and called a rental car place, but somehow we ended up in this weird, multi-leveled, primary colored building. Suddenly, there was this monster thing that was after Benedict and we got to run all over the place, you know, Sherlock and John style.

 I guess somewhere in there we started falling for each other (I mean, obviously I was already head over heals for him, but it wasn't until the hot dog buns incident that he began to like me more). So we ran and ran...and ran...until we came to this lake/swimming pool thing. We were trapped and the monster grabbed me and pulled me into the water and turned me into a small fish. Then the monster disappeared (to who-knows-where) and Benedict was on his knees, dark curly head in hands, crying because I was a fish...

And then I woke up.

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  1. Too bad it was a dream. I wouldn't mind running around with Sherlock either, that is until he gets into one of his moods ... :)


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