Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'Tis the End of All Things {this year}

Happy New Years Eve everybody!  

Do you have any special plans for tonight? I'll be attending a costume party, which should be fun.
After long consideration I've set on going as Nancy Drew and you may, or may not, be seeing pictures of my fab outfit in the near future ;)

I have hopped on here after a very (VERY) long absence, for which I apologize, to give you all a taste of what I hope this next year will hold for this blog.

Hopefully, by having a plan I will feel the pressure of responsibility. Because, let's face it, even bloggers that love to blog will get in slumps where they don't have the motivation to write their emotions down for all to read.

With Christmas, and a new job, I have been unmotivated to write for my blog, which I regret. There may come a day when I lose all interest in blogging and having a life on the internet.


Now, onto the plan! I love making plans and schedules and task charts, but hardly do I ever accomplish them. That's why I'm letting you all know my plan, that way I'm held accountable.

2014 Blog Plan

At least 2-3 Book Reviews a Month
At least one post about something writing related per week
1 post about my life and what's happening on my side of the screen each month

2014 Blog Goal 
Have enough followers by the end of the year to start doing giveaways

If any of you have book recommendations it would be appreciated greatly! Also, if you know fellow bloggers that would enjoy my blog, please share it :) Thanks everyone, and have a Happy New Year!

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