Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury is handsome, popular, and has the 'hottest' girl in school for a girlfriend. His dad is a news reporter. You know, the good looking guy with the sparkling smile and perfect hair? Yeah, that's him. He's the dad who only cares about his job and reputation, and by living this way he taught his son to be a rude, arrogant, jerk. So, although Kyle looks like he has it all, in truth he really doesn't.

Guess who comes into the scene next? That's right, the witch. She turns Kyle into a beast and says he can only break the curse if his true love kisses him before two years time. Then he meets Lindy.

I'm really a fairy tale kind of girl. Fantasy, adventure, and romance are things I love most in a book. Unfortunately, my view of 'romance' isn't very popular these days. It's hard to find a book that doesn't go too far with it's lovey-dovey moments. Beastly went to far in some parts. Kyle is constantly thinking of having sleeping by him and there are a couple sexual references. They weren't as horrible as they could've been, but I almost put the book down because of them. Maybe I'm too sensitive? There were also (in my opinion) a couple curse words, minor in some eyes, but not something I like reading.

Overall, Beastly was a pretty enjoyable book. I even laughed at some parts. Sadly though, it will not be a book I recommend to everyone.

Three Stars.

Ages 15+

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  1. Oh, darn. I was hoping this book wouldn't have any bad stuff in it, because I thought the movie looked interesting! Oh well :(


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